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Need music to enhance your visual content? An adaptive score for a game? What about a unique musical piece that supports and reinforces your 360 brand identity? A Sound Logo to enhance your brands presence via social media? What about a short, bespoke score to accompany an animation or short film, one that supports the emotion, action, narrative and message of your story perfectly?

Whatever your creative and technical requirements, whether you need a unique musical score for a game or to license music for your next marketing project, we can support your creative endeavours with a unique sound and music identity that sings your project brief. It’s not just about providing the right music, its about providing the right music to enhance and compliment your existing core brand and project objectives and aims with an emotional message that meanings something to your audience and customers.

We believe that music implemented in the right way, at the right time in the the right place has the power to emotionally connect with viewers, gamers, customers and participants.

It can lift mood to make us happy, create urgency, take us back in time to when we were younger and transport us on journeys to distant places. The right adaptive score can enhance the sense of fear in a game. The right tempo and arrangement can increase dwell time in retail environments. The way we experience and perceive can be influenced through music and its intrinsic emotional connection to us as human beings. Music has the power to influence and the right music, composed specifically to your creative project brief has the power to capture your customers and audiences imagination.

At Deft Ear we can compose original and unique music content to enhance a broad range of creative media, events and content including:




Virtual Reality 

Augmented Reality

YouTube and Social Media Video Content

Customer Touch-Points

Telephone and Customer On-Hold 

TV and film productions

Retail Environments and Spaces

Events, Shows and Multi-Media Presentations



User experience and user interface design 

Museum and Art Gallery Tours

Sonic Tour Guides

Art Installation Projects

We offer a range of services that can be configured to provide unique and bespoke solutions that enhance and fit your project brief including:

Music and Composition:

Bespoke musical score:

Original, unique musical content composed specifically to your project brief to enhance and accompany a range of visual mediums and projects.


Individual, short musical motifs to accompany visual content.

Sound Logos and Sonic Idents:

Sound design and musical accompaniment designed specifically to enhance brand perception and recognition. Creative development, design and implementation.

Adaptive and Non-Linear Score:

Interactive music content ready for implementation in game engine middleware.

Music Supervision and Licensing:

Licensing, sync and implementation of musical content across a range of mediums (TV, radio, online, public performance, social media).

Music Production:


Recording of musical and vocal material in studio and live environments.


Mixing of musical and vocal material. Arrangement and design of music within middleware (for interactive pieces).


Processing, editing, synthesizing, manipulation and production of music/sound content to specification.

Concept development:

Consultation and development of creative project brief themes and concepts towards project aims and objectives.

Session Project Management:

Organisation, planning, operation and implementation of client project brief from conception to completion.

Deft Ear offer boutique services to cater for clients that require unique, high quality sound and music content with all the trimmings of creative consultation, design, development, creation, implementation and operational support.

Let’s create a unique sound and music identity.

VIDEO: A proof of concept music and sound design example created by Deft Ear using original visual content from Audi.

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