Sound Branding. Game Audio. Sound Design. Music.


At Deft Ear we want to help our clients to explore and realise their own unique sonic and music identity, the essence of their project theme and concept. We want to help them to emotionally engage their audience, customers and fans reinforcing their project or 360 brand identity and core aesthetic through the clever use of sound design, music and creative thinking.

We believe that sound and music emotionally connects. That it engages the senses. We believe it can immerse us in new worlds and experiences or transport us back to forgotten places and memories.

Our sound and music content, sound branding strategies, audio asset management, music licensing and creative production expertise cover a range of approaches to suit and augment any existing brand, marketing and advertising requirements.

We use our creative and technical know how to create bespoke sound design and music content for implementation in games and apps, to accompany video content, animations and films, to produce podcasts, create radio adverts all the way through to exploring and researching the aesthetic and scientific aspects of sound through sound art, cross-modalism, experimental technologies, game development and acoustic ecology based projects.

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Deft Ear offer boutique services to cater for clients that require unique, high quality creative consultation, design, development, implementation and operational support of their sound and music content.

Let’s create a unique sound and music identity.






Sound Branding. Game Audio. Sound Design. Music.

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