Crown Paints


Crown Paints

Project Brief: 

The creative brief for this project centred on creating an original upbeat and friendly music score to accompany three animated videos showcasing the new range of Crown Paints room specific indoor home paints in addition to crafting a suitable sound design component to enhance the animated visual.


We were proud to create an accompanying sound and music identity for the visual content that could help to support the Crown Paints brand story and enhance customers perception of the room specific paint ranges for kitchen, bathroom, hall and stairs. The sound design component supports the friendly tone of the voiceover content and punctuates the narrative delivering a consistent and cohesive message about the value of the room specific paint range. The music bed helps to further enhance the work, reinforcing the pace and movement of the animated visual.

We were pleased to work closely with Vedo Digital and Kim Emson Animates in helping to tell the brand story behind the product range and bringing this campaign to life for Crown Paints.


To hear our work and watch the animated videos visit Crown Paints YouTube channel and website.

Composition and Score: 

Deft Ear

Sound Design:

Deft Ear


Kim Emson Animates


Vedo Digital

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