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We are Deft Ear creating tailored sound and music content, strategies and experiences to enhance brands, games, video, apps, VR and creative media content.

At Deft Ear we believe everyone has a story to tell and a narrative that is unique to their own personality, aesthetic and approach.

We want to help our clients to explore, develop and realise their own unique sound and music identity, the essence of their project theme and concept.

We work closely with our clients to help emotionally engage their audience, customers and fans, to help reinforce and enhance their project brief and core aesthetic all through the clever use of sound design, music and creative thinking.

“We create great sound & music content to make your brand stand out, enhance brand awareness & generate you more sales.”

Our tailored sound and music content, sound branding strategies, audio asset management, music licensing, creative development and technical production expertise incorporate a range of approaches designed to suit and augment your existing identity, aesthetic and core aims and objectives whether you’re developing a brand, game title, marketing campaign app or some other creative endeavour.

We’re here to make sure it sounds great no matter what you’re concocting!

“We want to support and enhance your project narrative, aims and objectives with a brand fit sound and music identity that sings!”

We use our creative and technical know how to create tailored sound design, music, voiceover and audio asset content for implementation in games and apps, to accompany video content, animations and films, to enhance marketing and branding campaigns, produce podcasts, create TV and radio advertising content all the way through to exploring and researching the aesthetic, creative and scientific aspects of sound and music through sound art, cross-modalism, experimental technologies, game development, acoustic ecology and environmental based projects, causes and initiatives.

Some of our recent clients include:

Our services include:


Original tailored Composition, Library Music and Music Licensing.

Sound Design

Game Audio, Animation & Video Content, Film, TV and Radio.


Dialogue/Voiceover, Music Content, Foley, Location/Field Recording and Found Sound.


Music snd Sound Mix, Game Audio Engine Implementation, Dialogue, Music and Environmental stems.


Sound and Music Editing, Audio and Music Processing, Manipulation and Effects, Noise Removal and Audio Restoration.

Creative Consultation

Account Management, Project Development, Creative Team and Technical Support.


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