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“What a great experience we had working with Deft Ear. As a third sector voluntary organisation we had no experience in recording but we felt expertly guided throughout the whole process – from the beginning of the process to the final copy of the CD being produced. You and your team made us feel totally comfortable and we felt ‘in very good hands at all times’. The experience for us at the recording studio on the day was amazing and we felt really treated when you gave a guided tour of the studio.

The recording session went great and although we were very anxious, not our usual line of work, you and your team were experts in making the day really fun but keeping us on track and productive. Can’t believe how quick the CD was recorded, checked and on its way to be packaged in a very short time – so professional. We are very proud of the finished product and look forward to using this additional tool in our work.

Thanks Craig we would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to other organisations – we can only say that we had an ‘Excellent’ experience and the CD will be such an added bonus for the people we work with.”

Carol Richards – AgeUK Oldham


Project Brief: 

The brief for the Age UK Oldham – Living Well with Dementia project focused on the need to deliver clear, friendly and coherent advice to the elderly and ethnic minority communities living in the Oldham and surrounding north west area through an audio information CD.

The brief required the recording of English and Urdu versions of dialogue including information about dementia and associated services for residents in Oldham to access in the local area. The dialogue was then edited and arranged in tracks to be included on an audio CD provided as part of Dementia Awareness week and associated campaigns for Age UK Oldham.

To reinforce the friendly and helpful identity of the Age UK charity and project Deft Ear also created a music identity to support the campaigns message and focus. We composed a bespoke, short musical bed to introduce and accompany the audio CD content on track one and reintroduced a mnemonic sound logo for the introduction of each subsequent track to support easy navigation around the audio CD content for listeners.

As part of the project we were also able to consult, advise and deliver artwork and CD duplication services to our client Age UK Oldham to fit the creative brief, delivery and quantity requirements.


We wanted to help Age UK to deliver information to elderly community of Oldham through the creation of an audio CD that would be of value and delivered in an easy to understand structure and approach.

Audio dialogue content was recorded of voiceover actors delivering information about dementia and associated services available to access in the Oldham area. Both english and Urdu versions were recored for the project and edited to follow a similar structure and aesthetic for inclusion on the final audio CD versions.

The project included 20 tracks in total for each audio CD version and covers over 70 minutes each in duration.

Age UK Front Cover 1

Overall we were pleased to be given the opportunity to help Age UK Oldham on the project and provide a service that will be of value to the local elderly community in Oldham.

To find out more about the great work of Age UK and Age UK Oldham visit their website

You can also access the audio content by visiting the Age UK website

Dialogue Recording, Editing and Mixing:

Deft Ear

Sound Design and Composition: 

Deft Ear


Deft Ear

Artwork Design:

Deft Ear

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