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We believe that game audio plays a crucial role in creating immersion and engagement within a gaming experience. Unique sound and music content is vital in ensuring the intended and designed aesthetic and narrative experience is shared by the player.

Deft Ear provides complete end-to-end audio and music solutions for game developers and publishers to deliver high quality, tailored sound and music content that fits exactly to the requirements of your game title and enhances gamer immersion and engagement.

Our comprehensive and professional workflow begins at the concept design stage, where we work closely with your team to create a project brief that fully understands and interprets the requirements and high standards of quality associated with, and expected for your title.

Throughout the development process we take a friendly open-dialogue approach, working in tandem with your development team to ensure that your sound and music requirements and aims are fully understood, developed and communicated regardless of whether you require a full end-to-end sound and music strategy, project managed design and implementation solutions, or simply individual tailor-made audio assets and music content.

We provide a broad range of services and strategies to compliment your development teams methodologies and schedules as well as the crucial narrative and aesthetic objectives of your game title no matter what the scope and budget of your project.

Our expertise include:

Concept and project development and planning

Sound effects recording, mixing and creation

Music composition and score 

Music licensing

Adaptive and non-linear music composition

Audio asset implementation

Voice acting, dialogue and voiceover content 

Audio programming

Full audio outsourcing project solutions and strategies 

Project management

Creative consultation

We want to ensure that the audio, sound and music content in your game meets the highest standards of quality, helping to engage and enhance gamer experience and immersion in your game title.

Deft Ear offer tailored development, design, production and implementation services to cater for game developers that require unique and tailored, high quality sound and music content and audio assets. Get in touch.

Let’s create a unique sound and music identity for your game title.



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