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Podcasts are an ever increasingly popular and successful way of reaching customers and fans. Whether hosted through your own website or on a third-party platform like iTunes or SoundCloud podcasting is an established way of communicating directly with your brand and project audience.

At Deft Ear we provide full podcast production services including unique audio & music packages to help your podcast stand out from the crowd with a unique sound and music identity.

Deft Ear provide tailor-made packages to suit your unique project requirements, aesthetic and story. From project development and consultation all the way through to production, composition and hosting we can develop your idea, concept and message to deliver impactful, coherent and effective on brand narrative and communication. Examples could include a bespoke brand fit sound logo, a podcast music theme or a complete sound brand identity to make your podcast stand out from the crowd. We can reinforce and enhance your project with a sound and music branding strategy that sings your brand values, story and identity.

We also deal with the other side as well implementing the right campaign, metadata and social media strategy so your podcast can be found in the right places and heard amongst the right audience.

A bespoke and unique podcast that has been created and produced to fit your brand and project has the power to:

Boost your online presence

Command the attention of your audience for an extended period of time in comparison to blogs and video

Direct customers to your products and services

Increase the probability of leaving a lasting impact and impression

Reinforce brand identity

Enhance brand perception

Develop links with affiliates 

Build brand and project relationships – People who listen to your voice for extended periods will feel like they know you!

Our podcast production packages can be configured to include a number of services hand-picked to fit your project requirements perfectly including:

Bespoke music composition for show intro and outro

Sound Logos and Sonic Idents

Sound and dialogue editing

Sound and dialogue processing and effects

Sound design

Pre and Post Production



Metadata and SEO implementation strategies

Creative consultation

Project management

A podcast can support your existing marketing approach as part of a unique sound and music branding strategy that helps your brand to be heard amongst your competitors and reach the right customers.

Get in touch to discuss how Deft Ear can help you create your own brand focused podcast and a unique sound and music identity.

Contact us to discuss your project in more detail:

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