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We provide full end-to-end music and audio production and creative development services to offer our clients a cohesive and tailored range of solutions. Whether you need to record and edit voiceover for your podcast, manipulate and implement sound effects for your game, record musical instruments for a brand-fit sound logo, produce a full choir and orchestra or record on-location sound for a video shoot we can record, edit and mix sound and music content to the highest quality for your project.

Our range of creative and technical production services include:



Recording of musical performance, instruments, choirs, ensembles and vocal material in studio and live environments in various multi-track formats.


Individual motion based and action specific sound content to support movement and interactional aspects of visual material. Foley recording techniques are used in films and games to bring out visual and animated content.

Dialogue and ADR (automated dialogue replacement):

Recording of on-location and studio based dialogue. Re-recording of dialogue in the studio to match visual performance and delivery. Editing and dialogue clean up and production.

VO (voice-over):

Sourcing, recording, editing and mixing of voice-over content. Brand voice development and implementation. Script and copy development and editing.

Location Recording:

Recording of sound content at on-location shoots, interviews, live events and performances. Recording of ambience and environmental sound content.


Sound Editing:

Editing, processing, production and manipulation of audio material. Applying DSP effects to sounds within game engines.

Sound Processing and Production:

Processing, editing, synthesizing, manipulation and production of music/sound content to specification.

Concept development:

Consultation and development of creative project brief themes and concepts towards project aims and objectives.

Session Project Management:

Organisation, planning, operation and implementation of client project brief from conception to completion.



Mix and balance of sound and music content to specification. Final deliverable stems and mixes.

Mixing of musical and vocal material.

Sound Mix:

Mixing of music, dialogue and environmental stems for professional delivery.

Game Audio:

Sound and music mix within game engines and middleware.

Arrangement and design of music within middleware (for interactive pieces).

Integration of music and audio assets into games and apps.

Benefits to our clients:

We focus on your campaign and project aims and outcomes.

A proven and established creative project management process that delivers work to brief and schedule.

An outsourced team that works closely and cohesively with your team to understand your project aims and objectives.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff make sure your project requirements areunderstood and delivered to the highest standard and quality.

With our scalable and modular services we can provide you with a full end-to-end service tailored to your project requirements, aims and objectives.

The tools we use:

Neve, SSL, Pro Tools, Neumann, Unreal Engine, Focusrite, AKG, Sound Forge, Zoom, Soundfield, FMOD, Native Instruments, Shure, Waves, Fender, Xero and a range of other great tools in the development, creation and delivery of our work and business.

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