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“The experience of working with Deft Ear has been a very positive and seamless one. Craig talked us through the process right from the beginning so that we were able to give him a clear brief and understanding of the Solvo Vir brand.  It meant that the ideas that were proposed hit the nail on the head first time and with a little further input the music for our video and audio branding were completed within a couple of weeks from start to finish! We’re delighted with the results and would highly recommend Deft Ear to anyone looking for sound branding for their business.”

Helen Dickinson – Head of Marketing, Solvo Vir


Project Brief: 

For this project we were tasked with creating a suitable sound and music identity to reinforce the Solvo Vir brand and to accompany brand communications across social media, classroom teaching content as well as internal communications. Solvo Vir already have a strong visual brand identity and we wanted to create content that would be brand-fit and enhance and compliment the existing brand story. We worked closely with the team at Solvo Vir to get to the core of what Solvo Vir do and why, and to really understand the brand story and what makes them different from other learning providers. We created several versions of the over-arching brand theme that can be used for video content intro and call-to-action in addition to versions of varying length and subtlety to work within different contexts and applications.


We were pleased to work closely with the marketing team at Solvo Vir and Ian Sandall at SPL Communications to create a cohesive and brand-fit creative brief to tell the brand story and the future aspirations behind the Solvo Vir brand and their work.

To learn more about Solvo Vir please check out their website.

To hear our work and watch the video content visit the Solvo Vir YouTube channel.

Composition and Score: 

Deft Ear

Video Production:

Ian Sandall at SPL Communications

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