Somewhere MCR


Somewhere MCR

Project Brief: 

For this project Deft Ear were tasked with producing a bespoke sound and music identity to accompany Kim Emson Animates animated video to promote Somewhere MCR, a pioneering new digital and physical space and cultural home for the LGBT+ community in Manchester. The content formed part of Somewhere MCR’s marketing campaign so it was important that the sound and music content be consistent with not just the animated visual but also the overall 360 brand identity of the Somewhere MCR brand.


Deft Ear created a unique sound design and music score to enhance and support the Somewhere MCR brand values and story with a snappy and upbeat feel. Sound design components were created to reinforce the movement and energy of the animated visual while the music score kept the pacing and flow of the brand message.

Sound Branding Consultation: 

Deft Ear

Sound Design and Composition: 

Deft Ear

Recording, Mixing and Mastering:

Deft Ear


Deft Ear

Animated Visuals: 

Kim Emson at Kim Emson Animates

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