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We believe that unique sound and music content thoughtfully implemented in the right place, at the right time and in the right way can reinforce your brand identity, enhancing brand perception and emotional engagement. It can create the right feel, the right mood. It can create urgency or bring things down to a slower pace. It has the power to effect how we perceive what we watch and how we engage with our environments. Our entire decision making and experience in the world both real and virtual.

At Deft Ear we ‘hear’ sound branding as a strategic implementation of sound and music content across all of a brands communications, marketing, branding activities, customer touch points and brand channels. A sound branding strategy is a unique approach specifically designed to reinforce and enhance your existing 360 brand identity through bespoke creative and technical ideas, approaches and content.

We believe that a brands approach to consistency of sound and music content should be reflected in the same way and with the same consideration the brand approaches each individual segment of its overall 360-brand identity such as its visual, verbal, interactive and virtual marketing and brand communications and customer touch points.

“We create great sound & music content to make your brand stand out from the crowd, enhance your brand awareness & generate you more sales.”

A tailored sound branding strategy can provide a creative, innovative and unique sound and music identity that can enhance your brand, increasing awareness, aiding memory recall, reinforcing marketing campaigns and enhancing engagement.

Consider a sound branding as an overall strategic and cohesive approach and framework encompassing a range of services and expertise at every stage of the creative process.

Deft Ear provide creative sound and music branding strategies and content that enhance your existing brand identity, increasing customer perception and engagement with your marketing content,  products and campaigns.

We work closely with our clients to offer a range of tailored strategies, services and support to deliver unique high quality sound and music content and experiences including:

Sound Branding:

Complete Sound Branding Strategies:

A range of cohesive creative sound and music strategies and management operations that unify and enhance brand and product perception. The development, design and implementation of a complete and cohesive unique sound and music brand identity that is strategically applied and executed across several brand channels and communications. Reinforcement of brand awareness across multiple customer touch points. Sound branding strategies incorporate bespoke sound design, compositional musical scores and full creative and technical support in your sonic branding and marketing strategies and campaigns.

Sound Logos and Sonic Idents:

Sound design and musical accompaniment designed specifically to enhance brand perception and recognition. Creative development, design and implementation.

Operational and System Sounds:

Sound material to reinforce UI and UX of products and systems. System alert and sonification.

Sound Branding in Retail Environments:

Sound design and musical content to create immersive retail environments that support brand recognition and product perception.

Sound Quality Control:

Development and checking of audio material to adhere to industry standard and broadcast specifications.

Creative Consultation:

Project Development:

Creative development of client brief concepts and ideas from initial idea to completion.

Project Management and Implementation:

Strategic approach and methodology to sound branding and sound/music based implementation and deployment in advertising, marketing, creative media and retail environments.



Recording of sound material both on-location and in the studio.


Mixing of sound and music content to best suit brand channel and customer touch-point.

Sound Editing:

Editing, processing and manipulation of audio material.

Sound Restoration:

Clean up and processing of existing sound material.

Sound Installation & Implementation:

Speaker diffusion design, set-up and configuration:

Complete specification, configuration and installation of sound diffusion systems for retail environments and site-specific work.

Consultation and project management:

Development of process to realize client creative brief both on and off site.

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