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Enhance. Immerse. Impact. Connect.


Bring your visual and interactive content to life with creative sound design and audio asset implementation to enhance and improve user experience, perception and interaction.

Deft Ear can provide creative sound design services to accompany all forms of visual media content and user interface/experience for web content, interactive, retail environments, customer touch points, TV, radio, video games and creative media.

We believe that sound enhances the emotive connection users and customers have with your project, and with this in mind we strive to implement suitable sound and music identities in a number of forms and configurations.

At Deft Ear we can create original sound design, foley and sound effect content to accompany a broad range of visual media, events and productions including:




Virtual Reality 

Augmented Reality

YouTube and Social Media Video Content

Customer Touch-Points

Telephone and Customer On-Hold 

TV and film productions

Retail Environments and Spaces

Events, Shows and Multi-Media Presentations



User experience and user interface  

Museum and Art Gallery Tours

Sonic Tour Guides

Consistency across all mediums and channels is a key facet in supporting mnemonic recall and reinforcing your core project values and approach. We want to help you to realise the creative potential of your project and client brief with sound and music content that sings your project identity.

We can create unique sound design content that fits the feel and tone of your brand and project supporting and enhancing your project theme and narrative.

We use our creative and technical know how to create bespoke sound design content for implementation in games and apps, to accompany video content, animations and films, to produce podcasts, create radio adverts all the way through to exploring and researching the aesthetic and scientific aspects of sound through sound art, cross-modalism, experimental technologies, game development and acoustic ecology based projects.

We work closely with our clients to offer boutique and tailored services and support to deliver unique and high quality creative consultation, design, development and implementation of your sound and music content.

We offer a range of services to provide a unique, bespoke solution to enhance your project including:

Sound Design:

Sound Effects:

Sound effect material to accompany and enhance animations, visual logos, moving image, user interfaces, audio books and video games.

Sound Logos and Sonic Idents:

Sound design and musical accompaniment designed specifically to enhance brand perception and recognition. Creative development, design and implementation.

Audio Assets:

Individual audio assets for implementation in video game engines and software environments. Creation of audio scripts within game engines.

Soundscapes and Environmental Sounds:

Sound material to immerse listeners in specific environments and spaces. Reverb, attenuation, occlusion and obstruction of audio within virtual spaces and environments.


Individual motion based and specific sound content to support movement and interactional aspects of visual material.

Dialogue and ADR (automated dialogue replacement):

Recording of on-location and studio based dialogue. Editing and dialogue clean up and production.


Sourcing, recording, editing and mixing of voice-over content. Script development and editing.

Sound Editing:

Editing, processing, production and manipulation of audio material. Applying DSP effects to sounds within game engines.


Mix and balance of sound and music content to specification. Final deliverable stems and mixes. Sound and music mix within game engines and middleware.

Creative Sound Design Consultation:

Consultation services to develop creative brief and concepts to enhance your project through effective and high quality implementation of sound design content.

At Deft Ear we offer premium content and services to cater for clients that require unique and tailored, high quality sound and music content with all the trimmings of creative consultation, design, development, creation, implementation and operational support. Contact us at Deft Ear

Let’s create a unique sound and music identity for your project.

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