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“I came to Deft Ear with the challenge of putting together a series of idents for a new podcasting project in a very short time period. Craig was excellent. He was quick with his replies, full of enthusiasm for the project and he responded to the brief with huge creativity. Within a week we had an entire original audio identity when before we had nothing. Craig not only helped us out with this but with a whole range of other issues that we faced getting our project up and going. For that I’m very grateful to him and thankful that we found him at the right time. I’d recommend his and the Deft Ear service wholeheartedly.”

Peter Moore, University of Oxford & History Today Magazine


Project Brief: 

For this project we were tasked with creating a suitable sound and music identity to reinforce the new ‘Travels Through Time’ podcast brought to you by History Today Magazine, a long running serious history magazine established in 1951.

Travels Through Time, is a new fortnightly podcast, presented by bestselling historian, Peter Moore. In each episode Peter is joined by an expert guest, to journey to the time and place of their choice giving listeners a ringside view of history as never before, with the action described by those who understand it best.

We wanted to capture the essence of the podcast approach by creating a suitable sound and music identity for the introduction theme and useful sound idents that could be used to punctuate the dialogue and flow of each episode.


We were pleased to create an accompanying sound and music identity for the ‘Travels Through Time’ podcast that supports not just the tone and narrative theme for each episode but also the overarching identity of History Today Magazine.

We included several key identifiers within the arrangement such as a ticking clock to reinforce time, strings to support the serious context and approach behind the podcast, a blend of arrangement and compositional components (synth, piano, heartbeat…) and a sonic ident melodic element to end each sequence and reinforce the overall brand.

The podcast theme will feature as the main opening introduction to each Travels Through Time podcast episode and you can also hear the sonic idents at various junctures during each interview.


You can listen to and learn more about the Travels Through Time podcast via PodBean and via the History Today Magazine website.

Composition and Score: 

Deft Ear

Podcast Intro Dialogue and Music Mix:

Deft Ear

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