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Cold Sun Studios

Project Brief: 

The creative brief for this project centred on creating original sound effects, music and dialogue that provided the player with important feedback, increased their sense of immersion and matched the upbeat, friendly and colour visual aesthetic of the game. All of the sound content needed to be mixed dynamically in real-time using the Unreal 4 game engine, and needed to be varied enough to avoid listener fatigue during many hours of gameplay.


This project enabled us to showcase some of our talents in the ever-evolving field of game audio. We were able to successfully create, source, design and implement all of the required sound assets, which were numerous and bespoke to the game.

The sound effects, music and dialogue all worked together in harmony, complimenting each other in such a way that we achieved the goals set out within the creative brief. This resulted in the sound design playing an important part of the overall quality of the game, both in terms of form and function.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with Cold Sun Studios in helping to realise their creative vision for their first game title.

You can find out more about Cold Sun Studios by visiting their website.

Composition and Music Score: 

Deft Ear

Sound Design & Sound Effects:

Deft Ear

Audio Asset Implementation:

Deft Ear

Game Developer:

Cold Sun Studios

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