What’s the Sound of Your Brand?



We believe that sound and music emotionally connects. That it engages the senses creating lasting bonds. We believe it can immerse us in new worlds and experiences or transport us back to forgotten places and memories.

So, what does your brand sound like? Why aren’t you harnessing this power to engage and create meaningful connections with your customers? How do you emotionally engage your customers using sound and music? What’s the sound of your brand?

Help your customers to differentiate between your core brand identity and that of your competitors with the creative implementation of sound and music content that you can implement across all of your brand communications and customer touch points.

Why not help your customers to recognise your brand and product in a crowded market place? To recognise not just how your brand looks but also how it sounds?

Help your customers to engage with your brand and create lasting bonds with your brand values and brand story with a sound branding strategy that sings your core message.

Sound and music are strong emotional triggers and can aid memory recall and enhance perception of a brand in the minds of your consumers and clients. This can be implemented through bespoke, original brand focussed composition soundscapes and musical pieces at a trade event all the way through to an effective sonic reinforcement of a robust, creative and cohesive 360 brand identity that extends across multiple customer touch points and your brands creative media content.

It’s our belief that sound, music and immersion are effective ways to connect with your target market and brand consumers to compliment your existing brand personality. At Deft Ear we ‘hear’ sound branding as a strategic implementation of sound and music across all of a brands communications, marketing, branding activities, customer touch points and brand channels. A sound branding strategy is a unique approach specifically designed to reinforce and enhance your existing 360 brand identity.

To engage your audience Deft Ear can design a unique sound and music experience around your product or service creating a powerful sensory impact which will enhance your customer’s perception and understanding of what you’re brand is all about.

We believe that unique sound and music content thoughtfully implemented in the right place, at the right time and in the right way can reinforce your brand identity, enhancing brand perception and emotional engagement. It can create the right feel, the right mood. It can create urgency or bring things down to a slower pace. It has the power to effect how we perceive what we watch and how we engage with our environments. Sound has the power to influence our entire decision making process and experience in both real, digital and virtual worlds.

Deft Ear offer boutique services to cater for clients that require unique, high quality creative consultation, design, development, implementation and operational support of their sound and music content.

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