“We wanted a way to enhance our video marketing content with a memorable and unique approach that makes us stand out from our competitors. Deft Ear were able to advise and create a bespoke sound logo that fits our brand identity and works in tandem with our existing visual branding and marketing content.”

Sam Kellali – Founder of yourFD


Project Brief: 

The project brief focused on creating a bright and vibrant sound logo that can be used to reinforce the yourFD brand as part of video content for the yourFD social media channels. The sound logo needed to fit the the tone of the accountancy brand and enhance the aesthetic of the visual logo.


We wanted to create a unique sound logo to form part of a cohesive sound branding strategy for the yourFD brand. The sound logo alongside the visual logo needed to work together in order to reinforce the brand values and identity of yourFD. With this in mind the short 6 second piece incorporated a modern sound palette and impact driven pacing to create a succinct and attention grabbing enhancement to the accompanying graphical visual ident. The sound logo and accompanying visual ident is to be used to introduce yourFD branded content and marketing material across the companies social media and marketing channels.

To hear and see the sound logo and visual ident in action and for more information on yourFD check out the company YouTube channel.

Sound Branding Consultation: 

Deft Ear

Sound Design and Composition: 

Deft Ear

Recording, Mixing and Mastering:

Deft Ear


Deft Ear

Visual and Video Production: 

James Peaceful at Wonder+Reason

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